About Us

Welcome to Java Gourmet, Since 1996 Java Gourmet has been producing and supplying perfectly roasted coffee, syrups, drinking chocolates and associated coffee accessories to variety of customers including but not limited to Cafés, Restaurants, Corporates, residential and retail stores throughout Australia and beyond. Sourced Globally, Roasted Locally and Consumed International. Java Gourmet prides itself on being an artisan coffee company, in keeping with a boutique and organic approach to growth, roasting and supply. We have extensive experience in creating the finest premium coffee blends with recognition from the industry awards and importantly ongoing support from our satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on producing high quality coffee, consistently roasted to perfection for our loyal customers and coffee enthusiasts.

The unique blends available from Java Gourmet stand apart from the rest, adhering to a set of precise and impeccable standards, giving the company the opportunity to become ‘the premium coffee specialists. Our range of coffee is fill of tried and true award winners. In addition to our amazing award-winning Arabica blends, we have sourced some of the most flavoursome Organic and Rainforest Alliance single origin coffees available. Roasted fresh on the gentle hot air streams of Chinook Roasters, air cooled and promptly packaged, maintaining the richness, flavour, and aroma our customers have come to expect.

Also, on offer is our range of drinking chocolates which includes single origin, organic and white drinking chocolates. Java Gourmet is also an exclusive distributor of DaVinci Syrups, Sauces, and powdered products for the hospitality industry. For those familiar with the DaVinci range, you will be no stranger to the mouth-watering flavours of Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel sauces and versatile range of delicious syrups. We have tasted a lot of syrups over the years and struggled to find anything that remotely rivals the quality of DaVinci Gourmet’s product range.