Freshly Roasted Gourmet Wholesale Coffee for Restaurants, Cafés, Clubs, Caterers, Corporates and Retail.

We supply freshly roasted premium coffee to establishments who care about the quality of the coffee they supply their clients.

We work with our green bean suppliers to maintain quality and only use 100% Arabica beans. Java Gourmet offers a range of freshly roasted premium gourmet coffee blends at discount volume rates to restaurants, cafés, catering businesses and clubs. Whether you’re looking online for a premium coffee blend or single-origin coffee, an organic or rainforest alliance coffee, or a combination of these elements, Java Gourmet will provide the right gourmet coffee for your business, and help give you the advantage over your competition. We also offer dedicated support and ongoing training to our wholesale customers as required. Our wholesale business is about building the best coffee experience for our clients and their patrons by providing quality coffee, consistently roasted to achieve the same flavour and aroma profile each time that customers come to expect. We ship to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and through the world.

Coffee Quality
We ensure the coffee quality served by our cafe customers is maintained by ensuring our clients have the correct equipment, and by providing regular and ongoing barista training by our experienced baristas who are continually updating their knowledge and skills. Of course, there’s so much more to it than that, but our customers love that we supply them with excellent roasted coffee beans whilst they focus on beverage sales and satisfying their customers coffee needs.

Barista Training
Proper training of your Baristas is essential to maximise the profitability of your coffee program. We provide ongoing complimentary training. We will teach you and your staff how to adjust your grinder to achieve the correct grind, how to ensure you always achieve perfect extraction, texturing and stretching the milk. Hence, it is silky and at the proper temperature, waste management, presentation and equipment care, etc.